AlexAlexander Carl

Graduate Student
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Worcester Polytechnic Institute
60 Prescott St.
Worcester, MA

Room GP2232, Gateway Park
phone: 774-364-5274

Alex completed his B.S. in Chemistry at Worcester State University. He studied catalysis and air-sensitive organometallic chemistry with Jeremy R. Andreatta Ph.D, focusing on deriving a cymantrene based molecule capable of binding pyridine via Lewis acid-base attraction.

Currently he is functionalizing the Si(111) surface with various alkyl groups and using XPS and IR spectroscopy to characterize the surface and degree of functionalization.


Zhang, X.; Desrochers, S. J.; Carl, A. D.; Geagea, N.; Zielinski, K.; Emmert, M. H.* Low Temperature Dehydrations of Non-Activated Alcohols via Halide Catalysis, Org. Chem. Frontiers 2016, in print.