Rules and regulations for glassblowing:

  1. Only specifically trained postdocs, graduate students, and undergrads are allowed to use the glassblowing station.
  2. All safety procedures must be followed at all times.  These safety procedures include but are not limited to:
    • Wear appropriate clothing.  This includes hair, clothing, jewelry, and eyewear considerations.
    • Maintaining a clean and safe bench space.
    • Communicating with other people in the pod.
    • Assuring that the gas and oxygen lines are in safe, working order.
    • Cleaning and tidying up after your work.
  3. Undergrads are not allowed to teach undergrads how to do glassblowing.  That is to say that everyone is encouraged to discuss and share tips and techniques with anyone else, but an undergrad cannot sit down with another undergrad, watch what they do, and consider themselves trained.  Grad students and postdocs can train each other, and grad students and postdocs can train undergrads, but undergrads can not train other undergrads.
  4. No one is allowed to do glassblowing without the appropriate safety network of people around.  This means different things for different groups of people:
    • For graduate students and postdocs: this means that you can’t do glassblowing unless there is at least one other person in the synthesis suite (MacDonald / Grimm / Dittami / Emmert / Burdette / Peterson pods) who would be willing and able to come to your aid if you called for help.  Graduate students and postdocs must communicate expectations and procedures to outside group members, if those are the only people around.
    • For undergraduate students: this means that you can’t do glassblowing unless one of the following two options exists:
      1. a graduate student or postdoc from our group is in our research pod with you while you are glassblowing.
      2. you are working with another trained undergrad who is in the research pod while you are glassblowing AND a grad student or postdoc or Grimm is somewhere in the building and you have informed said grad student or postdoc or Grimm that you are doing glassblowing work.
  5. Additional rules may follow!